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Whether to save energy or save money, make RechargeTexas.com your first and last online stop for impartial advice about electricity shopping. Rechargetexas.com is the non-profit, public service website of the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power. Unaffiliated with any electric company, RechargeTexas.com wants what all Texans want: a fair and transparent energy market where consumers come first.

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New Video: How to shop for electricity in Texas


Are your electric bills gobbling up your checking account? Maybe it’s time to switch power companies.

And RechargeTexas.com is here to help.

As a special Thanksgiving treat, check out this new video to walk Texans through the electricity buying process.

Refrigerators and freezers operate most efficiently when full.


If nothing else, keeping them stocked with bottles of water will make a big difference.

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What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy which is generated from natural resources that don’t get used up while producing energy, such as from wind and solar.